2018 has been an excellent year for both The Wiltshire Piper and The Band, Home Counties Pipes and Drums. The band are  more and more in demand and  subsequently members attended 17 jobs in 2018 on behalf of the band.  We also have added to this, with a Group of Scottish Highland Dancers, and a Ceilidh Band, members of which have completed two performances under the Home Counties P&D already and a further performance by the Dance Group scheduled in December . Having these additions to the group makes it even easier to secure the services of all types of Scottish traditional music and Dance. 2019 has had an excellent start with 19 bookings for Burns Suppers in January and which members of the band will be attending.  In addition members will be attending Duxford Air Show in May, France in the Summer and several other large corporate events, not to mention the numerous bookings for weddings, birthdays, and other piping events scheduled for solo pipers or mini band personnel already.  We would like to take this opportunity of wishing all our previous clients a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and successful 2019 and look forward to working with even more clients in the coming years to keep Scottish Traditions, Culture and Highland Music alive.


A nationwide Day of Commemorative Events marking the Centenary of the end of the First World War and paying tribute to the millions killed or wounded in battle, and those on the home front who struggled amidst pain and loss to help ensure freedom survived.

06.00: Battle’s O’er

1000 individual Pipers across the United Kingdom and countries around the world commence the day’s commemorations with the traditional Scottish lament played at the end of battle – Battle’s O’er.

18.55: The Last Post

1000 individual Buglers sound this historic tribute at WW1 Beacons of Light locations across the Nation and UK Overseas Territories.

19.00: WW1 Beacons of Light

Over 1000 Beacons of Light symbolising an end to the darkness of war and a return to the light of peace.

19.05: Ringing Out for Peace

1000 cathedrals and churches will ring out their bells across the nation, and beyond, in celebration of Peace.

19.05: A Cry for Peace around the World

100 Town Criers throughout the United Kingdom and other countries around the World join together in an International Cry for Peace around the World

Once again for the sixth consecutive year Members of the Home Counties Pipes and Drums will lead the torch light procession through the village of Heyshott.  Heyshott Bonfire has been part of the community for 65 Years with a large bonfire and spectacular firework display, and dates back to 1953 (the Coronation year) and has been held every year since.

Details are as follows

  • On the day (Saturday 3rd November 2018) the road through Heyshott village is closed at 5pm to all traffic except those who have official passes.
  • At 6:30pm (approx), the torches go on sale in Hoyle Lane.
  • At 7pm (approx), the famous torchlight procession commences from Hoyle Lane and meanders through the village to the village green, the site of the bonfire. this will be lead by 3 Pipers and a Drummer as a majority of the band members that have at will be in Berlin representing another Marching Band
  • At 7:30 (approx) the children will be entertained by the Punch and Judy show commencing.
  • At 8pm (approx) there is an outstanding display of fireworks to bring the main celebrations to a close.
  • There is no charge for entry to the Heyshott Bonfire & Fireworks display however there are collection buckets in which to place donations which are used to fund the following years’ festivities.


Please give as generously to ensure this event continues for years to come.

Saturday 27th October was a busy time for the Wiltshire Piper .  I was requested at 4 events and begun with the wedding ceremony for Mica and Adam who were married at Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club near Highworth in Wiltshire.  After completing this and battling the freak snow storm on the hills of Gloucestershire I arrived at the Hand fastening  Ceremony and Blessing for Angela & Adrian who were married earlier at Cowley Manor Nr Cheltenham.  After Piping them into their Wedding Breakfast at the Manor to the requested Scotland the Brave, and toasting their Future happiness together, it was time to cross Gloucestershire to Rodborough to play at The Bear Hotel for the celebration of Patrica’s 70th Birthday.  I must say she done very well when I played a highland fling and now been recruited to the scottish Dance group.  Finally back to Trowbridge in Wiltshire to play at the 80th Birthday celebration of Jean .  Congratulations to each and every one of you and thank you for having me as your Piper.


New Years Eve 2015 was a busy time for the Wiltshire Piper firstly a New Years Eve celebration on the civil marriage of Marcus & Simon then on to The Swan at Ascot-Under Wychwood, Chipping Norton to see the new year in with Richard Haddon (landlord) his guests and celebrity appearance of the renowned Chef Mr Gordon Ramsey.

Since November members of the band have attended 11 functions throughout the Home Counties and have received excellent feedback from the clients.

We have a further 14 events to attend during January, predominately Burns Suppers and Birthday Celebrations.  Should you require a Solo Piper or Mini band for your event please complete the contact sheet and we will get straight back to you

Welcome to my new blog!

I have had my website updated recently and now I have this blog section where I can show you all the events I have attended, and let you know of any future public events I am playing.

I am looking forward to meeting lots of new customers in 2015, with Burns supper on the 25th January being the first big event on the calendar.


Happy New Year!

Tony Hurst

Wiltshire Piper