Pipers have been used at military and state funerals for centuries, but today Piping is becoming more of a common feature at family funerals.  I have a wide selection of tunes from which your family can choose,  however the most commonly used tunes are:

• Flowers of the Forest (Normally played during the burial or committal)

• The Dark Island

• Mist Covered Mountains

• The Skye Boat Song

• Amazing Grace

“This piper recently provided the service of being piper at my father’s funeral. At my family’s request he wore the kilt and full highland piping regalia, his appearance and performance was stunningly beautiful. He phoned me as soon as I booked him, to find out how the service would run, and advising us on the music, the traditions, and service he could provide. He was supportive, and professional, and his skill with the bagpipes was hauntingly beautiful. I will be hiring him again!”
Jane Baghori

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